Friday, May 28, 2010

priyanka chopra Latest news for hairstyle change

Bollywood Famous Extra Priyanka Chopra has afflicted her Beard Appearance due to Weather of Summer. Priyanka Chopra has bargain the admeasurement of her Hairs because due to Summer Calefaction she was absolutely worried.
These canicule Priyanka Chopra is accomplishing cutting of her blur "Sat Khon Maaf" in Mumbai. Priyanka said that Vishal bhardwaj additionally brash me to abate the admeasurement of my hairs due to Summer division but i not accustomed it that time but now as the calefaction added i absitively to change my beard style.
She said that i was additionally adverse botheration in cutting due to continued hairs. Priyanka said that i am giving accent to my blur at this time instead of any added affair and abounding Actresses changes their Beard Appearance in Summer so its not a different thing. Priyanka said that i never approved to archetype beard appearance of any extra but consistently try to accumulate a different Beard style.