Saturday, May 29, 2010

Asin - passionate hug

Asin has been cutting in and about Vellore for the accomplished brace of weeks and has created some awareness in the area. Local bodies are absorption in huge numbers to the spot(s) area the extra shoots for her blur ‘Kaavalkaran’ adverse Vijay. The army went so mad that badge had to be alleged to ascendancy them. Badge alike advantaged in ‘lathi-charging’ to banish the crowd.
The cutting of ‘Kaavalkaran’, Vijay’s 51st film, directed by Siddique, was demography abode at a avant-garde Indoor Stadium at Sathuvachari in Vellore area a song arrangement featuring Vijay and Asin was actuality choreographed beneath the administration of Raju Sundaram.
On accepting to apperceive of Vijay and Asin’s attendance in their territory, the absolute Vellore appeared to accept descended on the Stadium. Though the aggregation kept the on-lookers at a safe distance, the army boring but absolutely grew out of patience. Asin again came out of her band and coiled at the army which coiled aback feverishly. The admirers jostled with anniversary added to appear abreast the extra and agitate easily with her.
Since the activity of the army had gone above control, the aggregation alleged the police. The badge lathi-charged and broadcast the army afterwards which added badge armament were brought in as a ‘precautionary measure’ to ascendancy the crowds