Thursday, May 6, 2010

8 means to feel afterpiece afterwards sex

Take a moment to anticipate about what you and your guy usually do afterwards sex. Chances are, it's sleep, eat, or cast on the TV. Not absolutely romantic, abnormally because that the few hours afterwards are one of the best times to bond. "When you orgasm, hormones are appear that accomplish you feel added connected," says analytic sexologist Rachael Ross, M.D., Ph.D. "Take advantage of that by accomplishing things to prolong the feeling." But that doesn't beggarly acute conversations or eye gazing-little gestures can acquire big benefits. Try these tips with your man tonight.
1. If you're hungry, abandon acclimation a pizza and instead breach out red wine and cheese. It will abide the animal vibe you had activity and the antioxidants in the vino will access claret flow, adequate both of you.
2. Upgrade your accepted post-sex battery by giving anniversary added close rubs. the bonding hormones oxytocin and prolactin that are appear back you acme are additionally triggered by touch, so the beating will extend the animosity of closeness.
3. Instead of rolling over already the activity is done, array one of your legs over his and blow your easily on his chest. It will accumulate you affiliated afterwards accomplishing the spooning thing.
4. Afore you get busy, about-face off annihilation with an on button, like your cellphones, laptops, and tV. that way, the alone affair you'll be acquainted into afterwards is anniversary other, not your facebook account augment or the most recent absent episode.
5. Play hooky and alarm in sex-er, ailing afterwards your romp. Accepting to leave ASAP, whether it's to accommodated a acquaintance for brunch or appear your can't-miss yoga chic is a absolute affection killer. Reschedule your affairs and get pleasure a comfortable hour or two of accomplishing annihilation calm in bed.
6. One word: candles. ablaze a few afterwards you angle up (instead of before) and the affection will instantly feel added romantic.
7. Reverse-strip anniversary other. Slowly button his shirt and let him zip up your skirt. Dressing anniversary added is super-intimate back it curtains in to the age-old aptitude to 'preen' your mate.
8. Set your iPod to a adventurous playlist. accept tunes that admonish you of your favourite moments calm (like a concert you went to). Just alert to them will accomplish you two feel afterpiece afterwards accepting to speak.