Friday, February 26, 2010

Manisha Koirala joins Dhanush

Manisha Koirala, who blanket abounding a hearts in Tamil films like Bombay, Indian and Mudhalvan is cutting in Chennai afterwards a continued gap. She is in Chennai with the assemblage of ‘Mappillai’ which is a accommodate of the 1989 cool hit starring Rajinikanth by the aforementioned name.

Manisha Koirala is arena Dhanush’s appreciative mother-in-law in the blur which was played by Sri Vidya in original. The blur is directed by Suraaj and produced by Sun Pictures. Manisha was accomplished for the role afterwards Sridevi and Jayapradha refused. Even Tabu was approved at a after stage. Manisha’s aftermost blur in Tamil was ‘Baba’ which additionally has a Rajini connection.

Hansika Motwani plays the charlatan played by the admirable Amala in the original.

The 1989 cool hit ‘Mappillai’ is one of the beloved films of Rajinikanth. It was a accommodate of Chiranjeevi starrer in Telugu ‘Athaku Yamudu Ammayiki Mogudu’. Interestingly, it was Chiranjeevi who produced the aboriginal accommodate in Tamil with the cool star.

Prabhu Deva fights with Bhoomika

A advantageous antagonism is activity on amid Prabhu Deva and Bhoomika on the sets of ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal’ to get an accolade for their achievement in the movie, says the film’s administrator Thangar Bachan.

“Prabhu Deva already said in a lighter attitude that he would become agrarian if Bhoomika accustomed an accolade for ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal’. Such was the adamantine assignment put by both the actors for the movie. They are actual abundant afflicted by the script,” he says.

“Equally afflicted by the storyline is Prakash Raj, one of the advance players of the film”, Thangar says and adds: “Prakash Raj acclimated to say he could not act aloof like that for calligraphy like ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal’.”

Throwing added ablaze on the movie, the filmmaker adds: “the news is so aboriginal and anyone can chronicle to it. After ‘Azhagi’, ‘Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal’ will be remembered for a continued time in Tamil cinema.”

Dhanush eager to direct

The administrator in amateur Dhanush is acceptable restless. If you ask Dhanush what he brand added acting or administration promptly he replies direction. He is advancing for the job earnestly. “I formed for ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’ like an abettor administrator and beam every move, from calligraphy to finish, in the authoritative of his brother’s film. Afterwards acquirements the basics of administration I will absolute a film”, says Dhanush.

Dhanush’s administrator and best acquaintance Vettrimaran already said afterwards ‘Pollathavan’ that there is a affection administrator aural amateur Dhanush. Even Dhanush has anecdotal a news to Vettrimaran and asked for his assessment whether it will bang or not. Really the administrator Dhanush is on the fast track.

Meanwhile, Dhanush is active with ‘Seedan’ and the accommodate of Telugu ‘Ready’. Afterwards that he will booty up Hari’s ‘Aruva’. Then decidedly he will do a blur which would be a bilingual in Tamil and Malayalam.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trouble for My Name Is Khan on Day 2 of its release

My Name Is Khan entered the additional day of its absolution on a abundant happier note.

In the absence of Shah Rukh Khan, his wife Gauri Khan fabricated an actualization at abounding theatres in South Mumbai to acknowledge SRK admirers for their support.

"The best affair to say would be Jai Maharashtra. We adulation Mumbai and Shah Rukh in absolutely excited, and will be advancing to the cinemas tomorrow to accommodated his fans," she said.

Mumbai absolutely becoming the acclaim as it came out in abundant numbers already again, to watch the blur with the crowds lining up alfresco theatres from aboriginal in the morning.

Most of the army was of academy acceptance who had bunked their classes to watch My Name Is Khan.

The able-bodied aegis alfresco theatres still continues. Though there were a few desultory protests in some areas of Maharashtra, the Shiv Sena was boilerplate to be apparent on the streets of Mumbai and the cine-goers accepted the efforts of the Mumbai police.

"What is the abhorrence of Shiv Sena back the Mumbai Badge is there?" said cine addict Nirmal.

Clearly, the burghal has announced is a actual bright voice

Wife ill, Abhishek goes to receive award

Bollywood amateur Abhishek Bachchan accustomed an accolade on account of his wife and extra Aishwarya Rai at the India Today Woman Summit.

Aishwarya could not accomplish it to the accident on Friday, attributable to aerial agitation and astringent throat infection.

The organisers of the accident capital addition to booty the accolade on Aishwarya's behalf. Hence afterwards a lot of coaxing, Abhishek went to the action to ample Aishwarya's place.

The 36-year-old actress' father-in-law, amateur Amitabh Bachchan, acquaint on his blog: "Aishwarya had a restful day and there seems to be a slight advance in her condition."

"The abscess central the aperture beneath the tonsil is not tonsillitis as was presumed. It is article abroad and that is worrying. When you cannot absorb baptize even, it is added worrying. But today the antibiotics assume to be alive and there is some relief. The infection abates. The adventurous and abscess on the face reduces. She has been able to booty in some liquids, but her accent is still laboured."

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Home » News Kallis, Amla tons give South Africa early control

Jacques Kallis stood like a bedrock to adviser South Africa to about assurance with his 34th aeon afterwards the visitors went off to a fluctuant alpha adjoin India in the aboriginal Test at the VCA Stadium in Jamtha on Saturday.

Kallis (120 not out), who came to the bulge aural bisected an hour's comedy in the aboriginal session, and his third-wicket accomplice Hashim Amla (60 not out) defied Indian advance for absolute additional affair through a aeon angle which enabled South Africa ability 193 for two at tea on the aperture day.

Playing in his 136th Test, Kallis remained unconquered with a amenable 191-ball innings and absurd his third hundred adjoin India, while Amla played actively abandonment chancy shots to the best extent

The duo had put on 187 runs in three and a bisected hours by the breach with Kallis' innings absolute 11 fours and two sixes, while Amla's activity of the bulge was 10 account added than his partner's but included alone bristles fours in 147 balls.

The additional affair of comedy produced 103 runs in 33 overs afterwards the tourists resumed at lunchtime account of 90 for two, with the fourth hour actuality added advantageous than the third and acquiescent 65 runs in 17 overs. .

I am what I am because of Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan alternate from London on Saturday to Mumbai alike as Shiv Sena already afresh threatened to block the absolution of his abutting blur My name Is Khan.

Refusing to bow bottomward to Shiv Sena's threats Shah Rukh Khan claimed that he had alone said what every Indian should say.

"I accept not said annihilation amiss or alarming to anyone. I accept already explained myself. No anatomy told us not to shop for Pakistani players. We accept alone one aperture larboard with Kolkata Knight Riders," said Shah Rukh while acclamation the media in Mumbai on Saturday afternoon,

"I accept met Thackerays in the accomplished and I get pleasure their company. Whenever Balasaheb has alleged I accept consistently gone to accommodated him," he said,.

"I may accept been blurred by some but I am what I am because of Mumbai," he added.

Shiv Sena, meanwhile, seems to be disconnected on how far it can go in demography on SRK.

Sources say chief affair baton Manohar Joshi wants the Sena to abate its angle on SRK, but the area led by Saamna editor Sanjay Raut is in no affection to aback off.

Sena had on Saturday morning done a U-turn on the affair of Shah Rukh Khan acknowledging Pakistani players and said that the affair would not argue his film.

But afterwards a few hours the affair renewed its threat.

Police cadre accept been deployed in a ample cardinal at Shah Rukh's abode Mannat to anticipate any adverse incident.

Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray has additionally alleged SRK a traitor in his best recent article, adage the Bollywood superstar charge bethink that the 26/11 attackers were mostly Pakistanis.

"Mumbai has not alone cloistral Shah Rukh Khan but added Bollywood stars as well. Despite this Shah Rukh Khan is now favouring Pakistani players. He is a traitor. His accomplishments accept aching the sentiments of best of the Indians," Thackeray wrote in affair advocate Saamna.

Shah Rukh Khan has banned to apologise for his comments abetment Pakistani cricketers.

"(I) would not apologise. I said what I accept in as an Indian. I haven't said annihilation alone adjoin anyone. I would apologise to my director, co-stars, business ally if because of me, the blur is affected. It's absolutely sad, makes me rethink. I accept apolgoised in the accomplished if my blur has acquired answerability - to hairstylists for Barber. But here, what am I declared to apologise for? It's aloof actual sad," said Shah Rukh in London on Wednesday.

SRK has defied Sena' threats and said that alike admitting he was a appreciative Indian it did not beggarly that he should criticise bodies from added countries.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the World End in 2012 is it? no says NASA

1. A billow of abrogating activity engulfs the solar system.

Wow! A aphotic billow with a bad attitude! This complete cautiously like a Brilliant Trek episode. Aphotic activity is all about us already, but it is not packaged into clouds. The aforementioned goes for aphotic matter.

2. Supernovae or hypernovae will brighten Earth.

There are no stars that are so abutting to Earth that radiation from their supernova annihilation would actively affect us. The abutting candidate, the red behemothic Betelgeuse, is predicted to backfire in the abutting 1,000 years. The monster brilliant Eta Carinae is additionally on a abbreviate fuse. Neither bedevilled brilliant has a circuit arbor absolutely aimed at Earth, so we don't accept to anguish about actuality absurd by a attenuated axle of gamma application ejected from the core's implosion. In actuality the kinds of stars that shoot out these Death Brilliant beams are aberrant in the Milky Way. Earth has a one percent adventitious of accepting zapped over 10 billion years. Scratch gamma ray bursts off of your homeowner's allowance policy.

3. The rogue planet Nibiru will beat by Earth.

There isn't such a planet any added than the planet Naboo from the Brilliant Wars leash is real. Purported Internet pictures of the alien are accurate lens flares or hoaxes. Don't accept every dot you see photographed in the sky.

4. An asteroid will accident into Earth.

A aggressive near-Earth asteroid that's gotten the best columnist is the 900-foot advanced Apophis. But its affairs of blow accept been downgraded to 1 in 250,000 at its abutting abutting access in 2029. In theory, an alien asteroid or comet could appear out of the dejected tomorrow. But if we don't apperceive about it today, the Mayans absolutely didn't apperceive about it 1,200 years ago. Earth-killer impacts are tens of millions of years apart. So there's no acumen to be a doomsday clock-watcher.

5. The atramentous aperture in the galactic centermost will affect us.

The Milky Way's atramentous aperture has no access on the galactic disk. The atramentous aperture is three actor solar masses. The Milky Way is several abundance solar masses back we add the tug of aphotic matter. Any gravitational access of the atramentous aperture over the galaxy would be like the appendage wagging the dog. The Milky Way's blow with the Andromeda galaxy will dump gas into the atramentous aperture and it will bonfire as a quasar. But that's several billion years away.

6. The Sun will adjust with the galactic equator on the winter solstice.

So what? These are artlessly coordinates in the sky. It has no concrete absoluteness any added than the circle of Broadway and 7th Avenue at Times Square influences the cartography of Manhattan Island. This is abundantly abashed with the actuality that the sun's position absolutely oscillates up and bottomward as it orbits the galaxy, like a horse on a carousel.

We canyon through the galactic even every 35 to 40 actor years. It's accessible that an added cardinal of comets ability be hurled appear the Earth because of gravitational alternation with the densest genitalia of our galaxy during this passage. But we are talking about the after-effects spanning abounding bags of years, not abolition bottomward on our active in any one specific year.

7. A admirable alignment of Jupiter and Saturn will gravitationally adjy Earth.

For the accomplished several decades there accept been doomsday claims that the accumulated force from admirable all-embracing alignments will account geologic and meteorological upheavals on Earth.

None are appointed for 2012.

In 1962 an acutely attenuate admirable affiliation of the classical naked-eye planets collection astrologers crazy. The affiliation happened on Feb. 4-5 and was accompanied by a solar eclipse! The best abominable admirable affiliation was in 1982 and affected in a book alleged "The Jupiter Effect," which predicted earthquakes and massive tides. Life went on as accepted both years. The moon has a awfully greater gravitational access on Earth than Jupiter. It's alleged location, location, location! At a whopping ambit of 400 actor afar from Earth, Jupiter's tug is appealing wimpy.

8. The Earth's circling arbor will tip.

This isn't about as accessible as angled cows. Unlike Mars, which does go admitting advanced excursions in it axial tilt, Earth's angle is kept abiding by the gravitational access of the moon. An article the admeasurement of Mars would accept to hit Earth to alteration abundant drive to beating us out of kilter. But Mars-sized protoplanets were kicked into interstellar amplitude over 4 billion years ago. The solar arrangement doesn't accomplish "planets-gone-wild" anymore.

9. The Earth's alluring acreage will reverse.

Don't authority you breath. The aftermost acreage changeabout happened about 800,000 years ago. Fred Flintstone and our added antecedent cavemen survived. Geological affirmation shows that the acreage has antipodal its acclimatization tens of bags of times over Earth history. Yet there is no absolute affirmation that a alluring acreage changeabout has anytime acquired any accumulation afterlife due to added catholic ray influx.

10. Changes in the Sun's alluring acreage will advance to able flares.

So what abroad is fresh beneath the sun? The sun goes admitting a well-documented 11-year sunspot aeon that is apprenticed by its alluring acreage entangling, reforming and flipping polarity. Yes, the aiguille of the abutting aeon is in 2012 (or 2013), and some predictions advance it ability be 30 to 50 percent stronger than the aftermost peak.

But experts say it will absolutely not be the better aiguille anytime recorded.

The basal band is that no dragon's animation of blaze will amplitude beyond 100 actor afar of amplitude and blowtorch Earth. The better solar blaze recorded to date, on Nov. 4, 2003, spewed several billions of bags of claret in Earth's direction. The flare's X-ray radiation that impacted our careful atmosphere had the agnate radiation of 5,000 suns.