Saturday, June 12, 2010

Karthi And Tamannah are in love

Tamil cinema consistently in hot with tittle-tattle. In best of the time these hearsays are become accurate afterwards some time. There is acceptable adage in Tamil "Neruppillamal Pugaiyathu" that agency after blaze there is no smoke. The best recent smoke in the Tamil Cinema is Paruthi Veeran acclaim Karthi Sivakumar abatement in adulation with his Paiya cine charlatan Tamannah. Is it true? Let’s delving in our own style.
Karthi Sivakumar the USA allotmentcomputer application architect about-face into amateur in Ameer's "Paruthi Veeran". His afterward cine "Ayirathil oruvan" was one of the best afflicted movies of 2010 for Tamil Cinema. It not alone agitated Tamil cinema fans, it is for Karthi Sivakumar too. In his third cine Paiya he has commutual with Tamil cinema arch extra Tamannah. Earlier for this cine Nayantara was assigned as charlatan after she was replaced by Tamannah.
Karthi and Tamannah, The attractive and active duo allure is able-bodied afterwards in argent screen. But there is able rumor that this allure continued to off-screen too. They are not assigned as duo with any cine further; but, they are authoritative themselves by affiliated through adaptable phones. Even both are denied this, still this rumor windmill revolving added speed. Karthi ancient brother Surya and his wife Jothika were denied their adulation in antecedent stage. They were maintained the aforementioned till their alliance announcement. Is Karthi and Tamannah follows the aforementioned strategy? Time will acquaint the answer.