Monday, June 7, 2010

Imran's Marrier Rips

Avantika Malik (Imran Khan’s fiancee) and her mother Vandana gave filmmaker Rahul Rawail added than his ticket’s amount back he went to see Rajneeti at a Juhu theatre on Friday night. And it was not paisa vasool at all!
According to Rahul’s column on a amusing networking armpit consecutive to that, the mother and babe (he didn’t name them) were built-in appropriate abaft him and his wife Rita for the 8 pm show, and he had a “lousy” acquaintance watching the blur because of them. Avantika and Vandana reportedly fabricated unsavoury animadversion and cat-calls during the screening until Rita assuredly ticked them off.
Naturally, Rahul’s column admiring a huge and analytical response. And the filmmaker was inundated with letters to acknowledge the character of the women who had broke the blur for him. By Saturday afternoon, Bollywood was abuzz with the incident, because Farah Khan was additionally present at that show. And there were letters that some others admirers had accepted a exact animosity amid the Rawails and Maliks.
BT’s alarm to Rahul met with a edgeless and affronted response, “Yes, we were abashed by Avantika and her mother. Every being affairs a admission has a appropriate to an opinion. You can like or animosity the film. But delay till you leave the theatre to acclaim or rip it. Filmmakers go to a theatre to guage the audience’s reaction. Would they accept admired it if I had fabricated a altercation while watching Kidnap?”
Incidentally, Rahul (who catches fresh releases every Friday) is a abutting acquaintance of Rishi Kapoor’s and has accepted Ranbir back he was a boy. Naturally, the filmmaker is careful of his buddy’s son. And, there are no prizes for academic why the Malik women didn’t acknowledge favourably to Rajneeti.