Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neil learns taekwondo

After a accurate crash-course in taekwondo in Bangkok, Neil Nitin Mukesh not alone performed the aggressive arts for the camera he additionally directed the activity scenes of an innerwear ad himself.

It was a abiding assurance of this adolescent actor's progression appear his ultimate ambition -- direction. In actuality Neil's coach Yashraj Films accept already aloof the rights verbally to barrage Neil as a director.

Laughs the adolescent actor, "That is some way off. But yes, I do plan to absolute my own blur some day, and not in the abroad future. In the meanwhile I am actuality in Bangkok and I've directed all the stunts for an ad we attempt for Gen-X innerwear. You could say my career as a administrator has started."

It was Neil's abstraction that the ad accept affluence of adrenaline-pumping action.

Last anniversary afterwards his arch adult Deepika Padukone larboard to shoot with Imran Khan in Delhi, Neil Nitin Mukesh aback took off for Bangkok for a anniversary to apprentice the accepted aggressive art taekwondo, shoot the activity ad and again shoot addition actual amative ad.

Speaking from Bangkok and aural absolutely out of breath, Neil said: "It was my abstraction to amalgamate the cutting of two back-to-back ads in Bangkok afterwards my dates for Yash Raj were readjusted. It's been a super-hectic time back I accustomed here. I aboriginal attempt an activity ad for the innerwear and again I'm now cutting a absolutely amative ad for a abrasive with all these firang babes. It was declared to be like... aboriginal the activity and again the araam."

Since the abrasive is aphrodisiacal, Neil appropriate the abstraction with a dozen adult models.

Neil is apparent in the aggregation of at atomic a brace of these Caucasian models in Bangkok afterwards shooting. A abiding assurance of his anew acquired distinct status.

"It's added a assurance of the actuality that I get abandoned and apathetic every time I'm abroad from home. Fortunately the assignment agenda actuality has been absolutely boxy so I've no time to get lonely. Aboriginal the training in taekwondo, again the cutting for the activity ad. And again the amative ad with the babes. I anticipation the aboriginal ad would be arduous and the additional one will be relaxing. But cutting with all those adult women is alike added adamantine assignment than accomplishing stunts," Neil winks.

Incidentally, the taekwondo training is not aloof for the ad that Neil has aloof attempt in Bangkok. It's additionally for Dhoom 3 which Yashraj is accepting accessible to shoot.

But Neil isn't talking about that yet.