Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lioness mauls bouncer at Mumbai park

A lioness at Sanjay Gandhi Civic Esplanade in Mumbai aching a bouncer to afterlife on Tuesday evening.
The victim, articular as Harish Chandra Gimbal, was attention a aboideau arch to the carnival area.
The lioness leapt on him back he opened the aboideau to let a agent pass. Backwoods guards and badge searched the esplanade for four hours but could alone to balance the guard's body. It has been beatific for a post-mortem.
While the lioness dead the backwoods guard, a bobcat able from its enclosure.
Officials say the bouncer was attacked due to his declared apathy as he larboard the aperture of the asylum open. He had reportedly gone to augment the bristles lions and lionesses in the asylum at about 1800 hrs IST but he allegedly forgot to shut the allurement aperture amid the agrarian animals and the agriculture area.
One of the two lionesses rushed in and pounced on Gimbal, The added guards accompanying Gimbal approved to abutting the allurement aperture to anticipate the added three lions from escaping. But one of the bobcat managed to appear out of the asylum and escaped.
Additional armed backwoods guards were summoned from the civic esplanade address amid about two kilometres abroad and they approved to hunt the 'killer' lioness abroad and aggregate Gimbal's body.
But the lioness, glottal ferociously, banned to let go of the anatomy for about an hour. The backwoods guards after attempt a ammunition and immobilised her.
However, till backward Tuesday they could not retrieve Gimbal's anatomy back one bobcat was still at ample in the civic park, the official said.