Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modi vs Tharoor: Kochi IPL aggregation writes to BCCI

I would like to acquaint myself as one of the associates of the bunch that auspiciously bid for the Cochin IPL aggregation in the afresh assured BCCI-IPL auction. As you ability be already aware, the bunch associates had active the Authorization Acceding with IPL beforehand today at ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. The Abettor of IPL, Mr Lalit Modi, himself active the acceding on annual of BCCI-IPL.

I address this letter to you, on annual of the bunch (consortium associates accept been cc'ed in this email), to appeal you to anon attending into a austere aperture of assurance that has occurred beforehand today.

I would like to accurately draw your absorption to article 19.1 (Confidentiality clause) in the active Authorization Acceding that concludes as follows:

19.1 The parties shall at all times amusement this acceding as actuality clandestine and arcane and its capacity shall not be acclimated for any purpose (other than the able achievement of this Agreement) or appear either anon or alongside to any being except:

a) with the above-mentioned accounting acceding of both parties: or b) as may be appropriate by any statutory, authoritative or authoritative or apparent authoritative authority, pursuant to the rules of any recognised banal barter or as contrarily appropriate by law

However, it is adverse to agenda that, Mr Lalit Modi himself, on his Twitter annual has appear assorted basic aspects of the arrangement today black (Please see absorbed document). Advice appear accommodate shareholding arrangement of the bunch as able-bodied as shareholding patterns of assorted accommodating bunch affiliate companies. Please agenda that, Mr. Modi, has not appear such advice for the added nine teams accommodating in the league. In addition, we accept been seeing assorted animadversion by Mr. Modi in the media and on Twitter, analytic the adequacy and the intentions of this consortium.

We are abashed to see this bent behaviour advancing from the abettor himself, alike afore 24 hours has appear to canyon afterwards signing the agreement. As a consortium, we accept abided by the acceding and altitude of the bid certificate and authorization acceding in letter and spirit. Behaviour and accomplishments as conducted by Mr. Modi brings complete boldness to the sport, the IPL league, as able-bodied as to the adherence of the behest process.

On annual of the consortium, I aboveboard appeal you to anon 1) acquaint Mr Modi to abjure the statements fabricated in the media as able-bodied on Twitter, 2) reveal/ acknowledge agnate advice for all accommodating teams on his Twitter account, 3) apologise for the communications accustomed in the media.

We, as a bunch are additionally advertent to admit acknowledged activity adjoin Mr. Modi for this capricious behavior, which brings blemish to his office.

We attending advanced to accelerated activity and amends on this subject.

Thanking you