Monday, December 27, 2010

Website optimization

organic search engine optimization ( seo ) is optimizing all local website factors that effect your search engines rankings. Having organic search engine optimization for your website will maintain a steady flow of visitors to your website through ranking your website posts or pages in major search engines like google, yahoo, and bing for related keywords. Without this steady flow of visitors your website will claim failure right from the start and will not keep up with the online marathon. There are many websites online today that are competing for the same keywords that you are competing for, millions of websites.  Try typing your website keyword in google and read the number of results that shows on the top left of the search page, this is how many websites are competing to be in the first page of google. In such a competitive online environment everything you do to improve your seo counts.  When you get an organic seo package you will be ahead of the game in many areas concerning your website internal optimization.
SEO packages:
•       93% of ad dollars spent in ppc for search is wasted.
•       85% of search engine users ignore ppc ads found in search results pages.
•       75% of all internet users ignore businesses not found on page one of search results.
•       65% of online businesses lose lead conversions to non-original content.
•       15% of search users notice ppc ads in slots #1 and #2 on the right sidebar.
•       7% of search users who see the top paid search inclusion ads actually click through.
•       600% more likely that organic search results will convert compared to ppc ads in search.
website optimization:
It has become essential in the business world for a company to maintain a website and the website design is also essential.  With all the new businesses opening and others that also need website design many charlatans have cropped up that promise the moon but actually deliver little. A good website design is like a good friend and a bad one is like your worst enemy.