Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I go to the Himalayas after every film. I go alone without anybody, says Rajinikanth

Question: Back Robot/Endhiran was released, admirers in Matunga alike did a palabhishekam (bathing an idol with milk) for your cutout. How does that feel?

Rajinikanth: (Humbly) Appear on. It's their adulation and affection.

Question: Why accept you become the afraid interviewee?

Rajinikanth: No, it is the aforementioned Rajni. Now back I'm not giving interviews, everybody wants an exclusive. If I accord one person, the others feel bad. Better to say 'no' to everybody. Otherwise, the media is too able today.

Question: With over Rs 130 crore benumbed on your name, adequate that Robot/Endhiran did so well?

Rajinikanth: Oh yes, actual relieved. It was actual tense, naturally, aboriginal time so abundant money actuality invested in a bounded accent film. It's not a joke. Hats off to Kalanithi Maran's guts, he had complete faith, he believed that yes, these bodies won't accomplish a mistake, it's a responsibility. By God's adroitness (it worked).

Question: It's said that you didn't booty a rupee during the authoritative of the film?

Rajinikanth: (Dismissively) I told them, and you accord it to me later. Of course, I took it afterwards (laughs). I told them, I don't charge money now. If I charge money, I'll absolutely ask for it. Otherwise why booty unnecessarily back so abundant money is already actuality spent? I apperceive Maran well, he's a acceptable friend.

Question: You didn't booty a rupee during the authoritative but took a allotment of the profit?

Rajinikanth: Yes.

Question: Which makes you the accomplished paid brilliant in India?

Rajinikanth: (Laughs) Is that correct? I don't apperceive how abundant the others take. (Laughs again)

Question: You already told me that if you hadn't become an amateur you'd accept become a smuggler because you capital to accomplish money.

Rajinikanth: (Unabashedly) Yes, that is correct, an abyss don. That appearance is over, I've fabricated abundant money!

Question: And Endhiran was released, you went to the Himalayas?

Rajinikanth: I go to the Himalayas afterwards every film. I go abandoned afterwards anybody.

Question: You accept two daughters. Ever absence accepting a son?

Rajinikanth: No, no. I'm actual happy, by God's grace. We're in the 21st century, gender doesn't accomplish a difference. Attending at my two grandsons, Yatra and Linga.

Question: You do article added stars wouldn't. You go out as you are, in a kurta, balding beard as it is afterwards dyeing. And your admirers are all appropriate with it?

Rajinikanth: No. It is important to them how you attending on celluloid. They're advantageous for that. There they feel that my hero should attending like a hero. Outside, it doesn't matter. Bodies are intelligent, they apperceive everything. Why unnecessarily accord yourself discomfort?

Question: They apparently acknowledge you for actuality the way you are...

Rajinikanth: Naturally. I told you. On celluloid if you appear like that they will abhorrence it. Reality, okay. On celluloid, no, they appetite the hero.

Question: And this hero gives the admirers what they admiration an activity man who romances, fights and looks invincible. Incredibly, he is additionally actual fit.

Rajinikanth: I do yoga, I exercise. I accept to be fit. That is my investment. An artisan can alone advance his body. For the mind, acceptable writers and acceptable admiral are there.

Question: Do you feel the pressure, as you're growing older? In Robot you did everything, including dance, activity and romance.

Rajinikanth: (Laughs heartily) Sometimes, back I do activity scenes, I do feel the age... or back I dance. Age is age. But technicians, directors, they apperceive and they manage. Back accomplishing a adventurous arena now, I feel awkward. Alike if I say it's aloof acting, I do feel a little embarrassed.

Question: Are you accurate that it has to be aristocratic now?

Rajinikanth: You accept to be very, actual choosy.

Question: Afterwards Robot, what?

Rajinikanth: An activity blur alleged Hara. Partly alive action, partly activity like Avatar. But a beeline complete Rajnikant blur has not been absitively yet.

Question: There were rumours that Yash Chopra has approached you for Dhoom 3?

Rajinikanth: "They're all rumours. No, (I have) not been approached. Anyway, afterwards Hara, I will charge a six-month break. If I get a acceptable character, a acceptable role, a acceptable producer-director, alone again will I do a film. Otherwise, bahut ho gaya. I'm 61 years old, yaar.

Question: Amitabh is still activity strong...

Rajinikanth: He's my inspiration. Actually Dilipji (Dilip Kumar) is the centre for all of us. Amitji, me, Shah Rukh, Aamir... for all of us Dilipji has been the inspiration.

Question: Do you absence the Mumbai air?

Rajinikanth: I was advantageous to collaborate so carefully with a actuality like Amitji, how abounding get an befalling like that? We did three films, all cool duper hits. Andhaa Kanoon, Giraftaar and Hum. Sometimes, I feel like activity to Mumbai and affair my friends. I had a acceptable amphitheater of friends: Subhashji, Guddu, Rishi, Jeetendra.

Question: Why did you accord up Hindi films?

Rajinikanth: I accept cut bottomward a lot. In the South itself, I do hardly one blur in two years. To ride two horses at the aforementioned time is difficult. The way of alive in Hindi films and South ones is different. I've done abundant work. I did about 25 to 27 films there; I was there for about 10 years. I enjoyed it.

Question: You didn't feel that you are God in Chennai and you're accomplishing alone multi-star casting films in Mumbai?

Rajinikanth: Oh, no, no, no. Actually, I was so relaxed. Here I had to backpack the accomplished appearance on my shoulders. There we aggregate it, did so abounding multi-starrers. And with what persons! Dharmendra, Vinod Khanna, Amitji. Multi-starrers, nice fun, big films, multi-crore projects, activity to acceptable locales, acceptable friends. It was acceptable fun and I enjoyed it. Mumbai, mayanagiri. Really cosmopolitan.

Question: You met Balasaheb Thackeray this time in Mumbai?

Rajinikanth: Yes, I met him.

Question: You said he's like God?

Rajinikanth: Yes, yes. He loves me like his aboriginal son. I accept met him afore too.