Tuesday, January 19, 2010

James Cameron disses Meryl Streep at the Golden Globes

James Cameron's animadversion at the Golden Globes Sunday night were acutely crazypants; the Avatar administrator chose to bear allotment of his accepting accent in "Na'vi." (Apparently, it almost translated to "I see you, my brothers and sisters.” A abrupt shout-out to the designers of the Papyrus chantry may accept been added apt, but we digress...)

But it was what Cameron had to say post-show -- in a accent that he didn't accomplish up for his treehugging 3D blockbuster -- that is actuality accounted about today.

While accomplishing interviews backstage at the Golden Globes, Cameron reportedly bad-mouthed addition winner, Meryl Streep.

And what could the admired extra possibly accept done to irk Cameron? Did she accidentally beating over his beer? Or did he aloof anticipate Julie & Julia was, like, absolutely overrated. According to the Toronto Star, Streep aloof capital to allocution about animation.

As per the Star's account, Streep may accept compared her assignment on Wes Anderson's Fantastic Mr. Fox to the Avatar cast's motion abduction performances – which the the self-appointed King of the World accounted alike to treason.

"She did a articulation achievement for a day or two," Cameron scoffed to reporters, adage her assignment on Mr. Fox didn't crave the aforementioned complication or concrete dash that was displayed by Avatar's cast.