Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emraan won't kiss Neha Sharma

Not Kiss the Indian beauty. Emraan Hashmi won't kiss his co-star Neha Sharma in his abutting film. The 'privilege' will go to an Australian chick. Mohit Suri's blur Crook: It's Good To Be Bad on ancestral attacks on Indian acceptance in Australia will brilliant four Australian actors, one of them would be a babe that the Indian hero (Emraan Hashmi) will abatement in adulation with in Australia.

There would be an Indian arch lady, Telugu cinema's Neha Sharma. But she wouldn't get to kiss the consecutive ass-kisser hero Emraan Hashmi. The smooching scenes in the calligraphy accept been adored for the Aussie girl. Says Suri, "There will be some kissing in the film. And yes there will be an Australian girl. I can't say any added appropriate now."

The administrator has auditioned a cardinal of Australian actors and will aught in on the final actors shortly. "We alpha cutting in February. When I started researching on the botheration of ancestral attacks in Australia I never anticipation it went so abysmal and far. My blur won't be alone about attacks on Indians or Asians. It will attending at allegory bigotry and racism amid all kinds of people."

The announced accent in the blur would be a hybrid. Says Suri, "The characters will allege Hindi, English and added languages; Indian and foreign, announced by acceptance in Australia." Neha Sharma is the most recent aspirant into Bollywood from the South Indian blur industry

. The babe fabricated her admission in Telugu films with Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan Teja in Chirutha.