Friday, October 29, 2010

Variety Of Engagement Ring

Hi friends, I am going to give important information about asscher cut engagement rings. Asscher Cut Engagement Rings are a modern twist on the original emerald green cut diamond shape. Still, the asscher shape is not really all that new; it was originally cut by Joseph Asscher, who developed it in 1902.The asscher's arithmetic shape lends itself especially well to settings that surround it with a halo of diamonds, or additional pave set stones along the band. They are proud of their selection of asscher cut engagement rings, and encourage you to look through our variety of diamond settings to discover the perfect ring to match your personal style. Tensions set engagement rings feature a ring design that holds a center diamond in place with over 12,000 pounds of force. This contemporary style is eye-catching, and is further highlighted by pave set diamonds or two-tone gold. They are proud to provide a selection of beautiful tension engagement rings by renowned designers.Tension Set Engagement Rings combine the finest craftsmanship in jewelry with the most updated, contemporary ring style. Tension rings are the truest form of art in movement. These rings bring together brilliance of design, sensitive attention to detail, and a unique look that is very specific to tension settings.