Thursday, October 7, 2010

About Aamir she's consistently said, "He is my guru."

About Aamir she's consistently said, "He is my guru." And although her awning bond with Sallu didn't about-face too abounding heads, she alleged Sallu, "The ultimate rockstar." So area does that leave SRK? Well, apparently, he's her friend, coach and guide. Now that sums it all up, huh? With so abounding affected accouterment accident in B-town (what with stars assuming alteration loyalties), anybody wondered area Queen Bee would acreage up.
After all, she was the alone one who atleast seemed to be the favourite of all the Khans. Recently, at an accident SRK and Rani met warmly, in fact, annihilation seemed to accept afflicted amid the old buddies. They chatted, airish for the photogs, and that's not all. zoOm's Planet Bollywood aggregation captured the benevolent Khan as he absolved Rani to her car, captivated the aperture till she stepped in and coiled as she sped away. Looks like no added Khan can agitate up this dosti. It's the accurate 'We Are Family' kinds, hai na?