Monday, October 5, 2015

Lady Gaga, a definitive pop artist of today, tomorrow, and tad bit of yesterday!

Momma Monster ALL THE WAY! however are you able to not love her?! <3 She is sacred and has the style, heart, love, and everything an individual needs! SHE'S A GAGA GODDESS! (^_^)
The Madonna of the twenty first century. Taylor Swift's songs area unit virtually monotonous in that means Beyonce is WOW however doesn't have the "influence" issue Gaga has Pink in my opinion has one amongst the best voices in pop history however lacks Gaga superior skill Katy Perry could be a certified All-American as she dominated the USA sign Charts like no one has done she pales against the globe Icon girl Gaga is. the maximum amount as these artists have strengths and credentials in their title, Gaga is that the complete package.M+15
Out of the complete world of pop girl Gaga stands out the foremost. Not simply because her altogether awing singing however her outfits, her temperament and most of all her love for music and other people. My true hero, girl gaga! Mama monster!