Thursday, October 6, 2011

About affiliate niche script

Hi friends this website gives you the complete information about Affiliate Store Builder . Affiliate Niche Script combines the power of Amazon & eBay's API in one powerful, flexible, easy to install Affiliate Store Builder. Affiliate Niche Script is a complete, automatic e-commerce website solution. It is not worsening & restrictive like Associate-O-Matic or other competitors. Its benefits like, Your own web store in any niche, Unlimited stores with one license, Multiple income sources, Earn up to 15% from Amazon orders, Income from eBay and Ad Sense ads, Multiple Languages of Amazon site, Cost effective one-time payment. Affiliate niche script has several huge appearances which accomplish us angle out from other Amazon associate scripts. Our features like fully customizable templates, Amazon + eBay + AdSense Integration, Advanced SEO settings, Ajax enabled shopping cart, Built-in order tracking, and Search auto-suggest, Price monitoring & alerts. Populate your website automatically 1000s of Amazon & ebay products and reviews from any niche you choose. Affiliate Niche Script is an innovative affiliate store builder which allows you to create unique and highly optimized white label web stores. Development of Affiliate Niche Script has been going at a valid fast pace over the past couple of months. Today we have reached a new major milestone by releasing version 2.0 of the script.