Monday, January 17, 2011

Poker Online

Hi dude I am very glad to inform the site about pokerstars poker . The poker room PokerStars variants best accepted in the world. Beginner or professional, there's apprenticed to a poker game online to suit your bankroll. The poker room PokerStars offers the top poker games accomplished in the world.texas holdem and Omaha are available in real money and play money. Whatever game you choose to participate, you will always play against individuals. Your opponents might as well live close to home at the other end of France. To ensure transparency and fairness to all players, PokerStars only allows one account per player. Management reserves the right to close multiple accounts that a single player could have.

The minimum buy-in from all tables PokerStars is ten times the small blind in the early rounds of bidding Limit games, and twenty times the big blind in Pot Limit and No sides Limit. For example, on a table at 10/20, the minimum buy-in is 100 chips in play money. The minimum buy-in of some Pot Limit 0.10 / 0.25 is 5 chips play money.

PokerStars is very simple. To play your first hand of poker, you must first download their free poker software on your computer. Installation is quick and easy. Follow the instructions to complete the installation and create your player account on PokerStars. If you encounter any difficulty during these three steps, please contact their customer service who will be happy to help you.

The best rewards program online poker welcomes you in the PokerStars VIP Club. To thank you for choosing PokerStars many benefits await you at every step of the VIP Club and in the VIP Store where you can turn your FPP fabulous gifts.Ready to Play Poker Online with money. Here are the variety of methods of deposit and withdrawal at your disposal on PokerStars.