Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bipasha escapes being to kiss by an ‘Aunty’

Among all the crazy belief of chic fans, this is the craziest of them all. It so happened that back the Bong affliction Bipasha Basu was at the Bangalore airport, she was in for absolutely a abruptness back a adult bent authority of her, affianced her bottomward and approved smooching her!  Tweets the extra on her amusing networking site, “Funniest affair happened at BLR airport entrance! One aunty pulled me dwn (down) about affianced me to smooch me! Somehow I was saved! Near escape!”  Recalling a agnate experience, admitting bottom in gravity, the extra added, “In Sri Lanka for IIFA (International Indian Film Academy awards) I was adage accost to bodies alfresco the hotel, one babe pulled my duke and bit my feel hard! But today’s aunty abashed me more!”